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Easy DIY summer top for little girl!

My niece has continually been asking me to sew her something for a year and a month now. Since I haven’t been particularly up to sewing for a while I was off from work today and I thought it would be a great idea to check if my machines were working. And so I told her that we could go into my fabric stash and create something as long as she came up with the design. We found the most beautiful yellow cotton fabric which I used to make a dress last spring. With Faith’s approval we went down to work.

Its always a good feeling when someone is so excited that they literally jump up and down with excitement which is what happened that she named fabric and named it “Summer Sunshine”. Here is how it went…

  1. After laying down a dress she already has, I cut out the top

2.  I used some piping around the collar and sleeves to create a nice finish

3.  IMG_9702IMG_9706IMG_9713

Finished look and she LOOOOOVES 🙂

6 thoughts on “Easy DIY summer top for little girl!

  1. Absolutely adorable! You..your niece..and the shirt! I love the style and especially the color- perfect summer sunshine top indeed! 😊🌻

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