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Just dance

DanceMy last post was almost a year ago…9 months to be exact and even then, I was struggling with my voice and what to say. I had started out blogging in 2014  with no real plan about the direction of my blog and the blog had morphed itself into a multi dimensional creation. A food post one day; an introspective chat another day and a sewing post another day. I couldn’t quite explain what the blog was about because it was just a mush-mash of things that make me who I am. The bottom line is that my blog was and still is about living my life. At 32 I can truly say that I’ve had quite the life. Whatever is or was, I don’t cry because it is over, but I smile because it happened. They say that when you are on your deathbed, you will be disappointed and regret the things you didn’t do more that the things you did. So I have summed up all the courage to blog again. I have been terrified of sharing and the longer the time passed, the harder it had become. Steve Maraboli said “Life is too short to not kick fear in the ass and allow yourself to love again”. So to pay homage to this life I claim to love so much, I am doing this.

This one is for you Yolanda.

8 thoughts on “Just dance

  1. I sometimes go for long periods without blogging too, though I’m always writing something somewhere. The nice thing about the blogging community is that it’s easy to return to. There’s no face of disappointment and scolding remarks like “Why haven’t you called?” Just, welcome back!

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  2. Awesome post, Nyasha! Great to have to back! Keep up the great work, live every moment with your best foot forward and trust in Gods great plan for your future despite the way things may currently seem! Looking forward to reading about more of your passions and life lessons! Xxx

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