When the sewing bug hits…little red dress

October 2015 065
Little sexy red dress

I might have mentioned my love for sewing and fashion before. Lately I’ve been creating a few pieces and I wanted to share some of the things that I’ve made. I got some really pretty material from the fabric store and I knew I wanted to make a red dress. To make my pattern, I have some builder’s paper from Home Depot, paper shears, a pen, tracing wheel and a dress that I love.

October 2015 004 October 2015 005

I traced my dress on the paper and made the adjustments i wanted then got to cutting.

October 2015 056 October 2015 058 October 2015 060 October 2015 061 October 2015 062 October 2015 065

I wanted the dress to be classy with some sex appeal so i added a little black lace in the front. It was fun the day i wore this dress people were trying to sneak peaks to see if they could see my boobs 🙂

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